July 21, 2024
  • 01:49 PM Almajd Power Factory Sudan Branch(2016)
  • 01:29 PM Saudi Elenex & Air-con Expo (2018) (07-09 May)
  • 01:03 PM “Saudi Elenex” (2017) (14 – 16 May 2017)
  • 01:00 PM MEE Exhibition (14th to 16th Feb 2017)
  • 12:28 PM “The POWER you TRUST” (29 & 31 Jan 2017)


The Leadership in manufacturing power products in Middle East and Africa


Investing our capabilities in providing advanced solutions for manufacturing Power Products at competitive prices and high quality to be the best choice for our customers locally and internationally


Integrity: We do what we say, acting in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards. Innovation: We believe that innovation is a culture that starts from within the firm.
Quality: it is the common factor for all our work processes to achieve the leadership.
Loyalty: We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our customers, and we continuously focus on customer satisfaction.
One Team: Not only our employees but includes our customers and our suppliers.
Honesty: achieve our customers’ requirements like specifications, delivery, spare parts availability and services.
Commitment: looking to achieve commitment first from achieving customers’ requirements up to after sales services