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Main Distribution Panel

  • Main low voltage with totally type tested assembly complies with IEC 61439-1&2 up to 6300A.
  • Main low voltage Panel, MDP with singles multiple incomers’ bus couplers with proper interlocking.
  • Required protection fault indications interlocking is provided
  • Various design is offered in MDP like a top, middle, bottom horizontal bus chamber panel with copper bus bars, Top/bottom/front rear cable termination, combinations of APFC with MDP.
  • Required facilities like Cut-off of nonessential feeders at the event of failure of main power.
  • Panel with provision to connect to bus duct at main income side.

ATS Panel

  • Used to switch an electrical load back and forth between a primary source such as generator utility and secondary source.
  • We provide many solutions for the interlock between the sources which are used in the ATS incomer, such as:

– Contactors

– Motorized changeover switch

– Motorized MCCB fixed & products

– Motorized ACB fixed & products

Synchronizing Panels

  • Used to achieve the parallel operation between Gen Sets.
  • Fully automatic synchronizing panels operated by microprocessor-based
  • Auto synchronizing, Manual synchronizing, Auto load sharing Active & Reactive power management with protection, Reverse power ETC.
  • Load Balance metering such as Ammeter, voltmeter, KW, PF, KWH, Double Frequency meter & synchroscope, etc.

Motor Control Center

  • Used Started control for all of the motors
  • Duly wired with ACB/MCCB/SFU/DOL/STAR-DELTA/ATS starters.
  • Various designs provided like a single/double front, fixed type, with marshaling
  • Cubicle type extension on each side.
  • Require Control voltage facilities with a control
  • All starters are provided with type 2 co-ordination where required.
  • Separated bus bar chamber for vertical droppers.
  • Can be operated by ON/OFF remote.

Sub Main Distribution Panel

Needs at least a brief explanation about on what this panel can do and provide panel benefits and function,


A manual transfer switch is installed beside the main electrical panel and connected to the circuits you’ll want running during a blackout.

When the power goes out, you simply crank up the generator and run a single power cord from it to transfer switch. Most transfer switches come pre-wired with the circuit breakers already selected.

Readymade Panel

 Distribution boards make an essential part of any circuitry in your homes, offices or any other place. They serve an important purpose and cannot be ignored at any cost. One of the most important devices, they make sure that the current is properly distributed to all the devices allowing proper functioning. This also makes sure that none of the devices suffer from the effects of over currents or short circuits. The Havells range of distribution boards is elegant when it comes to their looks. They fit in perfectly with the interiors of your homes, adding to the aesthetics. Available in different colors, the designer DBs serve a dual purpose. They not only save you from the harmful effects of current but also make your walls magnificent. The horizontal and vertical DBs give you the flexibility to choose the ones that are right for you. Choose from the range of distribution boards available online at amazing prices on the Havells store and get protection delivered to your home without any hassle.

 Lighting Control Panel

Almajd offers custom contactor lighting control system panels for your lighting controls needs the lighting contactor panels provide automatic and manual on/off control for exterior facility lighting building exterior lights, security lighting, interior safety lighting and various other lighting applications. Our contactor panels include electrically operated, mechanically held lighting contactors

Contactors are utilized specifically used for lighting applications, including metal halide, mercury vapor quartz halogen, tungsten or fluorescent lighting. As the contactors is mechanically held, the panels offer a quiet operation and long life expectancy. We build to suit your design needs providing multi-pole contactor configurations in a various enclosures through indoor and outdoor.

Types of lighting panels

  1. Streetlight panel
  2. Standard lighting panel

Final Distribution Panel

A Final Distribution Board (FDB) is an assembly of protective devices, including two or more fuses or circuit breakers, arranged for the distribution of electrical energy to the final circuits. It consists of a suitable enclosure containing suitable facilities for mounting fuses and/or circuit breakers and other protective devices (such as residual current circuit breakers/devices which may, or may not, provide integral overcurrent protection) and other switching and control devices. An FDB will also contain ‘busbars’ for interconnecting the circuit breakers or fuses along with neutral and earth bars for connecting the incoming and outgoing neutral conductors and protective conductors. This enclosure may be either all insulated type or metal clad construction.


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